Emirates Islamic Bank Infinite Card

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If success and exclusivity are words that fit your lifestyle, adding the Emirates Islamic Bank's Visa Infinite Card to your wallet is the natural choice. Designed to make a statement about your lifestyle, it is your passport to an exclusive world of complementary benefits and privileges. Accepted at over 30 million establishments across 130 countries, free of Riba and Gharar this is the Shari'a compliant card that you always wanted in your wallet.

  • No Salary transfer required
  • Free supplementary card for any family member aged 18 or over (credit approval required)
  • Cash advance facility of up to 40% through any Emirates Islamic Bank branch or at more than 780,000 ATMs around the world displaying the VISA logo
  • Photo feature for instant recognition and security
  • Payments available through cash, cheque or direct debit through your Emirates Islamic Bank account
  • Utility bill payment facilities
  • Utility bill payment facilities
  • Free online banking and access to a 24×7 call centre
  • Free Emirates Islamic Bank account with no minimum balance requirement

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In addition to the above benefits, primary card holders can also take advantage of additional features including:

Concierge Services

Exclusive VISA Infinite Offers

Emergency Medical And/Or Legal Services

Travel Services

Travel Insurance

Credit Shield

Emergency Roadside Assistance
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